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20 November 2007 @ 11:25 am
Ode to Get This - Dave Wakeling  
Can you believe it's been 2 years
Since 'Get This' went to air?
Ed spewed forth lies to get the job
Would Tony know or care?

The show took form, began its run
Apparent from the start
With Kavalee behind the panel
Things would fall apart

Bear was brought in to the show
To be panel technician
'Till Richard Marsland laid a trap
And usurped his position

Katie Dimond spent some time
As part of 'Get This' nation
Until she got a better offer
From another station

The three that would become the core
Of 'Get This' were on deck
With Nikki and Cecelia there
To keep the boys in check

How to describe the show to one
Who simply never tried it?
Drunken Kiwis and courteous cops
Are a staple of their diet

Talk of movies, DVDs
And TV shows for sure
How to describe most of those covered?
In a word - obscure
Obsessions plague them one and all
For Ed it's food and kitties
While grammar and kerning poorly used
Could have Tone getting shitty

Richard will discuss at length
The magic sounds of 'Pavement'
And all should probably be jailed
For Matty D's enslavement

A different co-host every day
A few I'll try to tackle
Fleety's wearing Jumper Pants
While Gussie gives the crackle

Snato Gauro, Lachie Hume
Ross Noble all came through
Peter Rowsthorne, Tommy G
To name but just a few

Capril! What a magic month!
And Borgust knocked us dead
When people strapped assorted
Electronics to their heads

'Me No Rikey', 'Urban Lyrics'
The listeners called for too
And ideas for the animals
That they'd steal from a zoo

Substandard could describe the gifts
That Ed the prize king gives
When listeners call and try to guess
How 'Lotion' Marsland lives

Stefanovic became
An unwitting comic foil
But he'll be fine, as long someone's
There to change his oil
Assault! Assault! The cry went out
When anything went wrong
And all three men are world renowned
For bursting into song:

Tone keeps it 'All Together Now'
While Ed tastes 'Wild Honey'
But Richard on the 'Venga Bus'
Is number one for funny

Analysis of Seagal's
Bulging waist and thinning hair
And Ed's been known to do a
K.D. Lang that's pretty fair

And then that awful day we learned
The show was to be chopped
We then began our hopes and prayers
The verdict could be stopped

Was there a chance things could work out?
Could 'Get This' not get tossed?
In stepped Bob Franklin, dropped a bomb
And thus all hope was lost

The valiant listeners did their best
To save their favourite show
Despite the rallies and petitions
'Get This' had to go

For blame, music and language gripes
Are sure to take their wallops
But culprit number one remains
Those thugs that peddle scallops

So as 'Get This' boards the Venga bus
And rides into the sun
The question of the axing of the show remains-
How Come?
Shoon McAldrum: DH_TBJpeoplewantducks on November 22nd, 2007 11:53 pm (UTC)
awww. I joined but haven't actually done anything over there.

Will do :) Got my mug on Sunrise this morning and my signs were all over the 10min at the end where they come out 'to the people'
I'm still wearing my cape!
dc2179 on November 25th, 2007 08:58 pm (UTC)
You got on Sunrise? Congrats! :D I hope the party was fun. It certainly looked/sounded like the various affairs were a blast.

We had a little chat party, about 10 of us, in a chat room I'd set up. It was loads of fun, though I'm betting you guys had more!
Shoon McAldrum: DH_dubious amusementpeoplewantducks on November 25th, 2007 10:24 pm (UTC)

the party was very enjoyable. it's so great to be around people that also love what you love.