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27 November 2007 @ 12:45 pm
Letter from Richard  
To the Get This Army: the Nickelback Likers, the Kershaw-lovers, those sprinkled with jus, those who were born and spawned in Bay 13 selling and eating Dixie Ice Creams, to the graduates of Passiona High, the Jumper-Panters, the Nice Cracklers, the non-delicious fillers, the Shortbussers, the Vengabussers, those who are cape-able and those who aren't, the Borgs, the favourite sailors and the Meat Pie trailors, those who deal with Dickinson, the Pot Kettles, the German polar bears, those armed with boxes of killer bees and pelicans, the country people, the city people, those with several up the bracket, those Nickelback Likers, the How-Comers and the Ooh-Me-Plummers, the Pfisters, the upskirters and the downblousers, the tsatsiki monkeys and those who'd just love a bit of cheese,

I'm Richard.

Firstly, thankyou so much for all of your incredible support of Get This. You have floored us, totally floored us with your websites, emails, Facebook comments, Myspace support, phonecalls and gifts. The Save Get This rally was an amazing day, and we were so touched. I've never seen anything like it in radio ever, and to be part of it was something I know we will never, ever, forget. To meet all of you – or at least attempt to meet all of you – was humbling to say the least. It was a genuine thrill, and the commitment you all made to make the day such a success gave us a real boost in the final weeks of the show. We felt terrible that we couldn’t make it to the Sydney or (rumoured) Brisbane rallies, but please know that you have our deepest thanks for the support, and we look forward to meeting you all one day.

As for the final show farewell at the Dick Liquor, once again – an extraordinary day. To once again see all of you and to meet even more of you was sensational. The effort you all put in to say goodbye – the capes, the plums, the brilliant t-shirts (wow – they were all awesome), jumper-pants, Warwick Capper wigs and well, for one of us, songs written especially for us, shucks – touched us (in a 'you've got the touch' way, as opposed to a Shortbus way). I hope we got around to meet everyone who wanted to say hello, and if we didn't, we apologise. It was a hectic afternoon! But please know that we sincerely appreciated the support, lovely cards and gifts. It's hard to put into words, so I hope I'm not repeating myself. It's also not that funny, but I did just want to get that out there. To those at the farewell parties in other states, thank you all very much, and perhaps if the Vengabus ever rides in to your town, we look forward to finally meeting you as well. I'm only popping this up on Facebook, so if any of you want to pass it along to the SaveGetThis.Com and Myspace army that would be great!

Maybe one day we'll come back with something else you guys might like. We hope so. And to those who have emailed my profile, I promise to write back as soon as I can. I'm talking to you, Ferret!